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Affiliate Marketing Services
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Affiliate Marketing Services

Having an integrated Internet marketing strategy is a must, if you are looking to attract targeted and highly relevant traffic to your website. One of the crucial components of this strategy is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing programs can link people/commission agents to your website at no charge until a lead is generated or sale is made. Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring potential customers to your site and gain a powerful web-based presence. Some of the popular affiliate marketing networks are Commission Junction, ShareaSale, LinkShare, etc.


The success of any affiliate marketing program hinges entirely on how well you manage the program. Our team of affiliate management experts, make every possible effort to turn your Affiliate Program into a success.


With regular monitoring and reporting activities we reveal, in detail, the extent to which the affiliate program is exhibiting positive results. In order to manage an affiliate program effectively, there are a number of issues that must be monitored.

A brief overview of our Affiliate Management Services:

  •      Creation of ‘affiliates’ page

  •      Setting up the affiliate infrastructure

  •      Creating the affiliate program strategy, research for your affiliate niche, planning and implementing the affiliate program

  •      Submission to affiliate directories, affiliate forums.

  •      Affiliate directories link management

  •      Manual affiliate application review

  •      Personalized email recruiting campaign and help in recruiting super-affiliates

  •      Replying to questions/concerns of affiliates

  •      Fraud prevention (Includes liaison with your sales team on the quality of leads received)

  •      Weekly reports



If you are interested in opting for our specialized Affiliate Management Services all you have to do is just contact us

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