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Affordable SEO Link Building Services

Affordable SEO Link Building Services:

What are Backlinks or Inbound Links?

Very simply put, backlinks also known as inbound links are essentially links found on the World Wide Web that are pointing users towards your website. These inbound links can be found in other websites, blogs, forums - just about anywhere on the Net.

The Importance of SEO Link Building Services:

And why are inbound links so important for your website? Search Engines, place great importance to the quantum and quality of inbound links, while evaluating a website. A 'quality' inbound link is taken as a positive vote in favor of the website. So the more quality inbound links that a website has, the better it looks, in the eyes of the search engine.

In SEO Link Building - What do you mean by 'quality' inbound links:

You will notice that we have repeatedly emphasized on the word 'quality'. That's because Search Engines have significantly evolved their link evaluation methodology over the last many years. All inbound links to a given website do not have equal weight age. Links to your website from related, relevant websites are given a lot more of importance. By relevant, we mean websites, directories and forums that are related to your business. Similarly, inbound links from high traffic websites and other online resources, to your website are also given greater importance than a link from a link from, well, 'just another source'. One good, quality inbound link is equal to a thousand ordinary links.

In SEO Link Building - Are there different types of inbound links:

Well you do have text based links and graphic based links. But SEO best practices always recommend text based inbound links as the best way to improve your website equity in the eyes of the Search Engines, especially Google.

Reciprocal Links:

Reciprocal links are links swapped by 2 websites in the same business. It's more of a 'you scratch my back & I will scratch yours' scenario. Reciprocal linking done in a limited manner is certainly helpful. But be careful, as by overdoing this, you may end up giving the wrong signal to a Search engine like Google.

What are links with anchor text?

Anchor text is the phrase or word used in describing a particular link. By integrating the targeted keyword in the anchor text, you can ensure that the search engine interprets correctly, that the page the link is pointing towards is relevant to the targeted keyword.

Building Link Popularity - It's Tedious But Rewarding!

Link building requires a lot of grunt work. And it has to be done right through the year, if you are serious about improving search rankings for your website. Quality link building is done the old fashioned way - Manually. There are a lot of automated software solutions which have flooded the Internet, who make big promises - of submitting your website details to thousands of directories, in a Jiffy. Please keep a healthy distance from these miracle products. We have seen several cases wherein search engines have downgraded websites that have built up their back link base using automated software solutions. The best way to build inbound links is by doing it manually, and there are several legitimate methods to do this.


  •      Submitting your website details to free directories

  •      Paid directories

  •      Article publishing websites

  •      Guest Blogging

  •      Press Releases

  •      Social Bookmarking

The list is endless.

The key success factor is that the links to your site must accrue from online sources that are related or are relevant to your business.

Link Building - Our Methodology:

Over the years we have developed and fine-tuned our Link Building methodology and we know what works and what doesn’t. We ensure that we completely adhere to ethical link building practices. No shortcuts!

Key Features of our link building services methodology:

  •      We have a huge database of quality directories, for link building purposes. And this list is being constantly evaluated and upgraded

  •      We manually submit to these directories - we completely avoid using automated software to facilitate this process

  •      We submit your website to only reputed directories, with a high Page Rank

  •      We constantly look for innovative new ways to get that rare high quality link

  •      We constantly review and update inbound links

  •      We will send you a detailed link building activity report every month

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