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SEO, SEM/ PPC, link building & Online marketing Articles

SEO, SEM/ PPC, link building & Online marketing Articles


Web Articles (SEO, SEM / PPC, Link building & internet marketing articles) could be use as a resource to understand the internet marketing techniques. It is meant to have a basic idea before choosing a SEO Company to improve your search engine ranking. For any further details about the Search Engine Optimization process, please contact us.




Social Media Measurement and Monitoring
We are in the age of Networking. Social Media is no more an evolving platform to reach people. Most of the online companies have realized the power possessed by Facebook and Twitter, and they are already successfully making sales and getting business leads through such channels. With large amount of corporate money is on stake, the Social media measurement and monitoring reports have become the essential component to keep an eye on the ROI made....


Posted On: 30-Nov-2011




SEO-friendly content
Due to the content-centric nature of search engines, the need to write SEO-friendly content has grown immensely in SEO industry. All major search engines have become very smart in identifying the informative and interesting content as compare to the over optimized and senseless content. So in order to write SEO- friendly content you have to think about human being and search engine both and find balance between both...


Posted On: 21-Oct-2011




Google is working on Synonyms and Spell Correction.
Google search team is working on ‘Synonyms’ and ‘Spell Correction’. This surely indicates one thing. If the website is informative and useful, there will absolutely no use for ‘fancy SEO activities’ to be performed on website. An intense keyword research looking for all the possible permutation, long tails, phrases with suffixes and prefixes may get hurt....


Posted On: 20-Oct-2011




All about RSS
RSS is a method of distributing links to the content in your web site that you'd like others to use. RSS feed is just a link created on any webpage whose content gets updated frequently, so that whosoever subscribed to that rss feed will get notified, whenever there is a change in that particular webpage. So obviously by providing RSS feed in your webpage you are increasing your webpage's visibility among others and in turn traffic of your website which is the key aspect of any SEO program...


Posted On: 16-Mar-2010.




Future trends of Internet marketing
Today, over 75% of website traffic comes through organic search results and 85% of people trust search engines for fulfilling their primary business needs. Even though people are inclining towards social networking websites, but Social networking websites are more or less served as taking second opinion, feedback for the products. Search engines still rule the internet industry in terms of finding products and services to satisfy their business and personal needs...


Posted On: 11-Mar-2010.




Will SMO take over SEO?
Nowadays there is a speculation in the internet industry that SEO is going to be dead and social networking websites will take over SEO.But there is a problem with Social networking websites is that, any person can open an account in social media websites without doing any real investment and then gets the authority to give feedback about any product/ service...


Posted On: 06-feb-2010.




How SMO interacts with SEO
Having a profile in social networking websites is becoming necessity nowadays which also helps spreading word of mouth publicity about your brand. No doubt SMO is a great tool to spread brand awareness, seek advice and get noticed in the social media. But no one can deny the fact that SEO is directly associated with the page rank, which demonstrates the importance of the webpage in search engines. Having first page visibility of your website in  search engines is  also important. So how SMO interacts with SEO lets find out...


Posted On: 04-Dec-2009




Google Wave has Happened – 100,000 public invites sent on September 30th, 2009
Google Wave is a real-time communication platform. It combines aspects of email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management to build one elegant, in-browser communication client. You can bring a group of friends or business partners together to discuss how your day has been or share files...


Posted On: 19-Nov-2009




Latest Social Media Research News - Small Biz Owners not enamoured with Social Networking Sites
Few small business owners and managers are joining the consumer trend towards increasingly using social networking websites and services, according to a new Citibank / GfK Roper survey...


Posted On: 9-Nov-2009




Landing Page Development Tips – The 9 Key Factors
Fundamental to the development of any PPC campaign is developing a focused and persuasive landing page. Why? Because if the users are not able to quickly connect with your product/service offering and more importantly, are not ‘sold’ on the value offering, they will just click out of your site and may never return again...


Posted On:: 30-Oct-2009