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Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages

The Best, Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages:

Are you concerned about the high ‘cost of social media marketing? As a professional social media marketing company in India, we have created cheap, affordable social media optimization & marketing packages, which are easily among the best social media optimization & marketing prices and packages in the industry. Please go through our cheap, affordable social media optimization & marketing prices and packages and do contact us, to get the most competitive rates in the industry.


Package Standard Premium Corporate Custom
Social Media Marketing Strategy Development
Profile Creation
Custom Landing Page Design x x
Business Tabs Creation & Integration x x  
Posts Per Week - management & engagement 1 3 5 As Needed
Geo targeted friend/fan seeding
Relevant Groups - Interaction Frequency 2 4 6 As Needed
Respond to Comments & Replies
Notify Client with Responses to Comments
Integration of other brand assets into your Facebook profile (videos, audio, articles, etc) x x
Spam removal
Profile Creation
Custom background design    
Posts Per Week - management & engagement 1 3 5 As Needed
Twitter friend seeding
Follow Potential Fans / Followers / Prospects
Responding Fresh Followers    
Respond to direct messages and mentions
Follow Category Events (if any)   Bi - Monthly Monthly As Needed
Profile Creation
Relevant groups - interaction/engagement 1 3 5 As Needed
Posting of article summaries in the groups
Query response management
Videos for submission (videos to be provided by client) 1 1 2 As Needed
Title Creation
Descriptor Creation
Tag Keywords
Thumbnail Selection
Account Creation on other Video Sharing Websites 3 6 10 As Needed
Video uploading on other Video Sharing Websites 3 6 10 As Needed
Monitoring of relevent questions in selected categories x 2 / Month 4 / Month As Needed
Notify the client about the question x
Posting of Answers x
Respond to the comments x
Creating Account for Blog x
Publishing Blogs and Articles x
Distribution of Summary / Link to the Blogs and Articles x
Creating Accout in Customer Review Websites x x
Posting Reviews in Client's Name x x

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